T&PL Water Tanks
Bladder Tanks and Pond Liners

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  10,000 and 20,000 Gallon Tanks
Collapsible, portable (when empty) pillow tanks, also known as Bladder tanks. Made similar to military drinking water bladder tank specifications, particularly suitable for desert type locations.(Available in Black or Tan)

Water Temperature
Tank temperature is consistent about 55 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun in the middle of the desert at 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 10,000 Gallon Tanks are 24' long X 22' wide X 4' tall, 20,000 Gallon Tanks are 35' long X 25' wide X 4' tall. Sun covers are available for purchase upon request. Warning - Do not fill over 4 feet tall or tanks may split open over time.

Tank Material
The tank material is made from Firestone fpp-r 45 mil polypropylene reinforced material with an Ultra violet outdoor exposure rating of 20 years in the sunlight. The firestone 45 mil reinforced polypropylene is NSF safe for drinking water. (Weaker products are made with non-reinforced 45 mil epdm, pvc or hdpe material with low ratings for outdoor exposure.) Our tanks offer superior strength webbing inside the double layer of polypropylene material. The webbing is welded together to create the highest structural integrity and strength for maximum tear and tensile strength. The webbing is actually welded together internally with special welding machines with temperatures of 400 degrees to 800 degrees depending on the type of welds to create an interlocking chain effect for maximum strength capability. Made to withstand temperatures of -20 degrees below zero and 150 degrees farenheit in the desert sun.

Folding Water tank


Tank Fittings
Tank has a 2 inch inlet threaded heavy duty fitting on the top center of the tank to fill and allow air to escape the system when filling and a 2 inch threaded fitting in the middle of the tank near the bottom of the tank You can also pump out of the top fitting and eliminate the drain.
The tank fittings are made out of NSF safe drinking water heavy duty UV resistant polypropylene

Tank Size From Factory
Tank empty weight approx. 400 pounds. Tank will fit in the back of a Toyota short bed with our fork lift. It is about 6 feet long and 5 feet wide folded up and 8 inches high. It will easily slide out of your truck on to the ground with one person. Two people are better to slide around into your position. You can easily slide the tank onto the back of an ATV out of your truck if we or you fold the tank one more time and make it a 3 foot by 5 foot tank while transporting it around if needed.

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Superior Heavy Duty Construction
All of our tanks are welded together with specific techniques and special welders for different seam applications for extra durability and longevity of the seams. Then for over kill they are extrusion welded for extra protection. [Click Here to see picture of the extrusion welding gun. Close] our tanks are the best bang for your buck that I know of.

 Please check out the competition by searching Google under these searches. Collapsible water tanks, pillow tanks, bladder tanks, polypropylene tanks.

These tanks are made to go on the ground without sharp objects underneath. You can put down a layer of sand or a tarp for extra protection if desired. Remember, these tanks are made to last or up to twenty year with proper care. We have a customer with one from 1989 still going in the hot sun for 23 years. The plastic tanks get brittle and crack over that period of time. Firestone warranties the material for twenty years in the hot sun and extreme UV exposure. If you have damage from trees falling on the tank, it can be fixed. We can fix tears and holes or send you repair kits.

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  Water Tank Weld

You are buying FACTORY DIRECT WHOLESALE so you are paying the same price as the other distributors that sell my tanks for to the general public. That is why my tanks are the most water for the best price. Call Steve anytime for consultation. 707-972-3727