Tanks and Pond Liners FAQ
Bladder Tanks and Pond Liners

We Manufacture the best Tanks and Sell to the Public at Wholesale Prices
We offer you the same prices we give to distribution companies that we sell to all over the country. Our tanks are made with Firestones or Carlisle SyntTec Reinforced material. This material is meant to withstand hot desert sun, the best in the business with American  made, Drinking Water safe polypropylene, heavy duty 45 mil geo-membrane material. Call Trish for Tank sales, delivery, or repair 707-972-2907.

Factory Direct Water Tank
  33’X 25’ Footprint
  NSF Safe Drinking Water
  Up to 20 Year Lifetime Expectancy in With Proper Care
  American Made! Firestone or Carlisle Syn Tec 45 Mil Reinforced
  Best Material Made for Water Bladder Tanks!
  Withstands Up to 20 Years of Outdoor Exposure with Proper Care
  Lies on Flat Ground on Smooth Surface
We have 3,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 210,000 Gallon Tanks
  Tank Installation Available
  Sun Covers are Available for Purchase Upon Request
  Pond Liner 125,000 Gallon 59’ x 59’ in stock and Larger Sizes Available. Call to order Steve 707-972-3727 or Trish 707-972-2907
Bladder Tank