Tanks and Pond Liners FAQ
Bladder Tanks and Pond Liners

Pillow Tanks


Can We Make Smaller Tanks?

Can We Make Bigger Tanks?
Yes we can make a 50,000 gallon tank 68 feet x 25 feet. The material strength has to be upgraded and costs almost three times the cost of the material in a twenty thousand gallon tank. So a better deal is two 20k gallon tanks and a 10k gallon tank.

How Long Do The Tanks Last? 
Tanks can last up to 20 years or more if covered with our Sun Covers. Sun Covers are available for purchase for all tank sizes. .  

Do the Tanks Need an Underlayment?
Yes. We highly recommend the use of underlayment.

Do Tanks Come in Any Other Color?
Tanks come in Tan and Black.

Do You Have Other Fitting Sizes for Tanks?
Yes, you can get fittings up to 6 inches. Call for more info.

Can You Put the Tanks On The Side of a Hill?
Yes you  need to cut a pad into the hill and level it out then slope it gradually toward the hill to allow for settling and to prevent the tank from rolling down the hill if the soil settles.