T&PL Custom Water Tanks
Bladder Tanks and Pond Liners

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Custom Tanks
We can make your tanks any way you want them!
We can design more than one system for inlet and outlet fittings. Standard fittings are 2 inch drain and two inch inlet female thread on the top center of tank. We can go 3 inch or 4 inch quick connect tank flange fittings with quick connect male or female.

We put the outlet fitting towards the edge of the tank about 4in.
We must still leave the center fitting on top for a vent tube if needed to allow air to escape if your pump is pumping air or as an air escape valve.

Tank Top Fill Assembly Build-Pond-1  

Tank Bottom Drain AssemblyBuild-Pond-1

It usually is not necessary but precautionary for multiple uses with different pump systems. Any option is available. Call Steve anytime for consultation. 707-972-3727